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MICE is an English abbreviation for Meeting, Incentive, Convention or Conferences and Exhibition. It refers to a specialized niche of group Tourism dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars and other events. Industry predictions indicate that the MICE sector is poised for vigorous growth. The current situation as well as business environment in the world demonstrates that Tourism is recuperating after the recession, springing back, stronger than ever. The demand for meetings is on the rise and Ethiopia is seizing the opportunity to attract the highest number of Tourists flow to the country. The emerging trends which have been observed are nurturing in the hands of both the Government and private institutions.

MICE Meeting, an umbrella term for “events industry” is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose. MICE Incentive tourism is usually undertaken as a type of reward by a company or institution for targets met or exceeded, or a job well done. Incentive tourism is usually conducted purely for entertainment, rather than professional or education purposes. MICE conferences are usually centered on a theme or topic and are aimed at a professional, school, academic or trade organization or other special interest group. MICE event locations are normally bid on by specialized convention office in particular countries and cities and established for the purpose of bidding on MICE activities. This process of marketing and bidding is normally conducted well in advance of the event, often several years, as securing major events can benefit the local economy of the host city or country. With the economy improving, there is once again a renewed demand for exhibitions, meetings and events to showcase latest products or for brainstorming sessions or simply for attracting clients. Countries are promoting themselves as MICE venues to attract event organizers. Travel companies are offering specialized MICE services and activities. It is here where Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental and Tour Services Plc. (RAINBOW) jumps into the showground to fill the gap and play its role as an actor of “Business with Pleasure” within this beautiful “Land of Origins”- Ethiopia!!

MICE  in its trends and immediate future succeeds when it is properly handled by the private sector. Experiences of the most advanced “Tourist Attraction States” of the world witnesses this fact and Ethiopia will never be exceptional to this. No doubt MICE will elevate Ethiopian Tourism into its deserved position parallel with the world-class tourism resources and attractions in the country. With a dream to realize such a lofty aim of carrying out broad-based undertakings for sustainable advancement in Ethiopian and East African Tourism, RAINBOW, side by side with Trans Nation Airways Plc (TNA), has entered into a partnership agreement with OZZIE Hospitality &Tourism Management Consultancy. The first practically observed shining activity in this regard is the participation of selected MIDROC Technology Group Companies in the 2nd MICE East Africa 2017 Forum and Expo. ELFORA, the leading private agricultural company in the country along with the a company having flowers farm as focal point , Ethio-Dream Plc  and Jittu Horticulture Plc, as well as the retailing companies addis HOME DEPOT Plc and WANZA Furnishing Industries Plc have joined hands in showing what the country has to Host Buyers and local customers.

Rainbow will continue to serve in the tourism industry as one of the most dependable Car Rental and Tour Services of the country with assured quality supported by its attractive competitive prices, well designed packages, financial stability, admirable long years of experience, reputable tour guides  and high class insured vehicles. WE Stand Promoting Tourism with Exclusive and Distinct Services taking our clients to every part of the country!!!!Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

አዲስ አበባን ከጅማሮዋ ……. በእንጦጦ

በአዲስ አበባ ተወልደው፣አድገው ሀብትና ንብረት አፍርተው፣ ከተማዋን ከእኔ ወዲያ ላሳር ….የሚሉ ስንትና ስንት ሰዎች አሉ፡፡ ሳያውቋት የሚያውቋት የሚመስላቸው ስንቶች ይኖራሉ? ብለን ብንጠይቅ ቁጥ የትየለሌ ነው፡፡ የከተማዋ ነዋሪዎች ብንሆንም እንኳን ለአፍታ ዐይነ ህሊናችንን ለአዲስ አበበ ከተማ መቆርቆር መሠረት ወደሆነችው እንጦጦ ብናቀናስ!?

በመንገዱ ግራና ቀኝ አልፎ አልፎ ብቅ ብቅ ከሚሉ መኪኖች በስተቀር ብዙ የመተላለፍያ ወከባ አይታይበትም የእንጦጦ ተራራ፡፡ ከስድስት ኪሎ የሰማዕታት ሐውልት አንስተን በመጓዝ አቀበቱን ጨርሰን እንጦጦ ጫፍ ስንደርስ ውብ የቤተ-ክርስቲያን ሰገነት ብቻ ሳይሆን ታሪካዊውን የአፄ ምኒልክ ቤተ መንግስት እናገኛለን፡፡ ነጭ ኖራ ተቀብቶ ከፊት ለፊታችን በኩራት ይጠብቀናል፡፡ አፍ አውጥቶ ባይናግረንም ከጭቃ የተሰራውና አንዳችም አሸዋና ሲሚንቶ ያላረፊበት ቤተመንግስት ከ130 ዓመታት በላይ እድሜው ጋር ከፊታችን ተሰይሞ ሲታየን ብዙዎቻችን የግቢውን መግቢያና መውጭያ ፣ ስለ ቤተ መንግስቱ የውስጥ ክፍሎች  በርና መስኮቶች ቁጥር ፣ በዚያን ዘመን ስለነበረው የሕንጻ አሰራርና በሕንጻው ውስጥ ስላሚገኙት ቅርሶችለማወቅ ያለንን ጉጉት ይጨምራል፡፡ እዚሁ ኖረን የውጭ ጎብኚ በየቀኑ ስለሚጎርፍበት ቦታ አለማወቃችን ያንገበግበናል፡፡

የጥንታዊት ጥበብ ስሪት ደረጃውን  ወጥተን ከቤተ- መንግሥቱ በረንዳ ላይ በመቆም ቁልቁል አዲስ አበባንበአግራሞት በመመልከት ቤተ-መንግሥቱ አካባቢ

ቤተ-መንግስት !!

ያሉትን እድሜ ጠገብ ዘፎችን እየቃኘን ንጹህ የአዲስ አበባን አየር ስንመገብ “ምነው እኛ የሥልጣኔ ምንጭና ኩራት የነበሩት የሀገር ፈርጥ እቴጌ ጣይቱ ከንጉሡ ጋር ዛሬም ኖረው የአንድ ቀን እንኩዋን እንግዳችን ባደረገን ያሰኛል”፡፡ ወደ ክፍሎቹ ውስጥ ከመዝለቃችን በፊት የበሩን መዝግያ በእጅ በመዳሰስ የአፄ ምኒልክንና የእቴጌ ጣይቱን ዓላማና ግብ እያደነቅን የንጉሣውያኑን ቤተሰብ እንግዳ መቀበያ፣ የመኝታ ክፍሎች ከነቁሳቁሶቻቸው ስንጎበኝ የትላንቱ ቅርስ በዛሬው ዐይን ውበቱ ሳይጓደል ምነው ብዙ ጣይቱዎች ብዙ ምኒልኮች በነበሩን ያሰኛል፡፡ ግድግዳው የጭቃ፣ የጣራው ላይኛው ክዳን ሣር፣የጽድ ቀጫጭን እንጭቶችና የቀርክሃ ወጋግራ በበሬ ቆዳ ተጠፍረው ማየት ዕጹብ ድንቅ ነው፡፡ የቅቤ፣ የማርና የበርበሬ የድልህ ማስቀመጫ፣በቤተ መንግሥቱ ሥጋ ቤት እንደ ምስማር ለሥጋ ማንጠልጠያነት  ያገለግሉ የነበሩት የበሬ ቀንዶች ወዘተ. ወዘተ. ስንቱ ተወርቶ ስለስንቱ ተዘግቦ ይዘለቃል?!

እናም ከመስማት ማየት እጅጉን ይልቃልና ሌላ ሌላውን ለእናንተ እንተወው!! ለታሪካዊ ጉዞና ጉብኝት ፍላጎታችሁ እርካታና ለሀገራችንን እንወቅ እቅዶቻችሁ ስኬት “ሬንቦ ኤክሲክሉሲቭ የመኪና ኪራይና አስጎብኚ አገልግሎት” በተሟላ ዝግጅት ይጠብቃችኋልና ወደ ቢሮአችን ብቅ ይበሉ ወይም ይደውሉልልን!!

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