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Company Profile

Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental & Tour Services PLC was founded in 1999. In 2007, the company reformed itself. Since then, it has been providing reliable, efficient and friendly travel and car rental services for local and international visitors under the motto of “Promoting Tourism with Exclusive and Distinctive Services”.

Business Purpose

The Company is established to accomplish the following Business Purposes:
1. Render tour operation, travel agency and safari Trans-Regional tourist service trade activities;
2. Become a general sales agent for different air lines and sell airline tickets, arrange space for the air line passengers and perform car-hire trade activity;
3. Establish and run lodges and other ecotourism activities;
4. Facilitate in rendering ground, air and water transportation service for the tourists;
5. Import from abroad equipment and materials that are essential for the business activities of the company;
6. Establish companies being with others, buy and sell shares;
7. Engage in other businesses related to the tourism trade activities;
8. Rent/lease special vehicles for the high profile applications such as Government Dignitaries, Embassies, UN and affiliated organizations, Universities, schools, Hotels, etc;
9. Providing temporary, occasional or permanent transport services on contractual agreements such as offering transport shuttles to and from the airport or conference venues;
10. Leasing automobiles for wedding ceremonies;
11. Avail vans for transporting students to and from schools on contractual agreements;
12. Rendering car-hire service both on self-driven as well as chauffeur driven basis;
13. Provide school buses for individuals or group of individuals who are interested to have this services for their children;
14. Provide vehicles for company employees’ transportation service;
15. Provide tour guide, transportation and other services required by tourists;
16. Engaging in any other related business activities which the company may find relevant to enhance the above mentioned business purposes.

Company Management

Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental And Tour Services PLC is organized under the MIDROC Investment Transport Sector, and is led by a General Manager, directly reporting to the CEO. The company has two operation units: Car Rental Operation and Tour Operation; and four Service Units: Human Resources Services, Financial Services, Materials and Stores Management Services and Technical Services.
In order to facilitate the operational effectiveness of the company, the Management has placed different Policies and Procedures into practice among which the following deserve major attention.

  • Human Resources Services Policy and Procedure Manual ( HRSPM )
  • Financial Services Policy and Procedure Manual (FSPM )
  • Attest Plan
  • Materials Management Services Policy and Procedure Manual ( MMSPM )
  • Organizational Structure Manual ( OSM )
  • Protection Services Policy and Procedure Manual ( PSPM )
  • Education Policy
  • HIV/AIDS Policy Manual

All Policy and Procedure Manuals are subject to revision and hence more than 200 directives have been released to date to improve the original policy issues of MIDROC Technology Group.

Mr. Tafesse Sahile
General Manager

Present Undertakings

The car rental operation of Rainbow rent out cars on chauffeur or self drive basis. It is in a possession of modern deluxe automobiles with a comprehensive insurance coverage providing the following services.

  • Tour Services
  • Shuttle Services
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Special Services
  • Employees’ transport
  • Outing programs

Rainbow is a notable tour operator in the country with carefully drawn tour programs (itineraries) with different destinations and duration to satisfy the diversified needs of customers. The tour operation provides all the necessary camping facilities. It has also a well trained tour guides. The operation provides the following services.

  • Tour Service (Tour with escort guide, Tour without escort guide and with agent guide)
  • Professional guide
  • Transfer Service
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Transport Reservation